Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4 Steps to Being a Better Photographer

1. Learn to use your camera. This one sounds obvious but you want to become so familiar with your equipment you could use it in your sleep. This will allow you to avoid fumbling with the camera when time is really critical.

2. Develop a critical eye. View lots of photographs both in print and on the internet. Decide whether you like each photo or not and be able to articulate the reasons for how you feel about each photo. Decide what you would have done to make it better. Practice this constantly. While studying photographs, learn as much as you can about color theory, composition and light.

3. Using what you have learned in Step 2, take LOTs of photographs. Study your own photos and decide how each could have been better. Apply what you learn each successive time you take photos.

4. Have fun with photography. Like any art, the more you love it and practice it, the better you will become.